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Computer Software Firms

Town of Guttenberg Request for Proposals from Computer Software Firms Interested in Providing Software Support Services to the Town of Guttenberg for the Period of January 24, 2011 to January 23, 2012.

RFQ must be postmarked or hand-delivered no later than January 7, 2011 to:

Albert Cabrera, Town Clerk
Office of the Town Clerk
Guttenberg Town Hall
6808 Park Avenue
Guttenberg, NJ 07093

Please  submit one original and seven (7) copies to the RFQ.  Use white 8 ½ x 11 paper.  Please also deliver one (1) copy to the office of Charles P. Daglian, attorney for the Town of Guttenberg at 34 Jones Street, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

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