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Request for Proposal - Electronic Ticketing (E-Tickets) Services



    The Town of Guttenberg (“Town”) is a municipality of Hudson County, New Jersey. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5 et seq, the Town seeks Requests for Proposals (“RFP) from Firms that wish to provide Electronic Ticketing (E-Tickets) service to the Town of Guttenberg. The Town is seeking to obtain an Electronic Ticketing (E-Ticket) system. The total number of e-ticket systems shall consist of three police E-Ticket ready vehicles, properly equipped with printers, docks, port replicators, and all associated hardware as well as three mobile data computers, configured with the appropriate software and licensing to be used in the aforementioned E-ticket ready outfitted vehicles. The Department expects to write approximately12,000 tickets annually. This contract will be awarded for a period of three years.
Technical Requirements

Proposed application must meet or exceed the technical requirements listed below.

Vendor's proposed E-Ticket system must be approved by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), and conform to all the requirements established in the E-Ticketing Client Application Implementation Guide published by New Jersey Office of Administrative Court (AOC).

AOC approval must be documented as part of the proposal package.

Vendor shall enclose, with the proposal packet, technical data and detailed specifications on all hardware and software being proposed for this installation. Vendor's proposed E-Ticket system must be compatible with Police Department’ information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Vendor shall be responsible for ensuring the proposed system functions on existing IT hardware.

Annual maintenance must cover both software and hardware items up to and including replacement and re-installation. Maintenance must also cover all upgrades while maintenance is up to date. Vendor shall supply a detailed maintenance agreement.

Vendor's proposed E-Ticket system must be able to perform an auto populate from NJMVC and NCIC lookups from the existing Info-Cop software.

Electronic Ticket system must capture officer notes in E-Ticket application and officer must be able to retrieve the notes through a web browser based application along with images of the electronic tickets.

Vendor's proposed E-Ticket solution must not require the Town of Guttenberg to install or maintain any addition internal network server infrastructure.

Vendor's proposed E-Ticket solution must be able to share data with other police agencies on the same system.

Vendor's proposed E-Ticket system must provide detailed statistical reporting of all E-Tickets issued. Reporting statistics must be provided through Microsoft Excel with associated graphs and charts. Reports must be customizable to the needs of the Guttenberg Police Department.

Access to customizable statistical reports through a designated website with associated graphs and charts in addition to Microsoft Excel is highly desirable.

Vendor's proposed E-Ticket system data must be able to be exported daily issued ticket data in CSV or XML format manually and through a web service.

Vendor shall update any and all citation requirements or assist in doing so.

Vendor shall supply their company's equipment return policy.

Turnkey Solution
Vendor will be responsible to provide a turnkey application including all hardware, printers, software, paper, supplies, installation, all licensing and training onsite to the Guttenberg Police Department for the contracted period at no additional cost.

Hardware Requirements include total initial number of vehicles to be deployed with E-Ticketing
of 3 vehicles, 3 mobile printers, 3 mobile data computers and all corresponding mounting and docking hardware.

Ongoing Support and Warranty
Vendor will be responsible to provide all onsite warranty 24x7x365 days a year with a 4hour response time for proposed E-Ticket solution for the contracted period at no additional cost.

Police vehicle installed printers must be with an automatic paper cutter and paper rolls must be able to print at a minimum of 200 continuous tickets per roll. Installed vehicle printers must be installed with an approved mount supplied and installed onsite by the Vendor at no additional cost to the Guttenberg Police Department. All printers' repairs and warranty will be the responsibility of the Vendor at no additional cost.

Professional Information and Qualifications

    Each interested firm shall submit the following information:

    1.    Name of firm:

    2.    Address of principal place of business and all partners or firm’s offices and corresponding
           telephone and fax numbers. Please note specifically which partners will be assigned to work with
           the Town;.

    3.     Prior experience in field;

    4.    A list of all public entities that you provided service;                  

    5.    The firm’s ability to provide the services in a timely fashion (including staffing, familiarity and
           location of key staffing);

    6.    Cost details;
           In this section, please describe the timing and associated fees the Vendor is proposing for
           the implementation. Vendors should be sure to include all expenses associated with delivery,
           in addition to professional fees. If this section is not included or is incomplete, the proposal may
           be rejected as unresponsive. Pricing for the system shall be a combination of an up-front charge
           (not to exceed $25,000.00) plus a per ticket charge based on actual tickets issued. Contracted
           up-front charge shall be payable upon acceptance of the installed system.

           Per ticket charges shall be billed quarterly.

           Proposals which specify payment upon contract signing will be deemed unresponsive
           and rejected.

          The Town requires that the full implementation be completed within 60 days of contract award.
    7.    Any other information which the interested firm deems relevant.

    8     New Jersey Business Registration Certificate.

    9.    Fully executed Non-Collusion Affidavit which is attached.

    10.  Fully executed Disclosure of Ownership form which is attached.

    11.  Mandatory Equal Employment Opportunity Language (if applicable).

Section Criteria

    The selection criteria used in awarding a contract or agreement for professional services as described
    herein shall include:

    1.    Qualifications of the individuals who will perform the tasks and the amounts of their respective

    2.    Experience and references;

    3.    Ability to perform the task in a timely fashion, including staffing and familiarity with the subject

    4.    Cost competitiveness; and

    5.    Other factors, if demonstrated to be in the best interest of the Town.

    All necessary documents can be downloaded from the official Guttenberg website,

Submission Requirements

    RFQ must be postmarked or hand-delivered no later than August 15, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. to:

Albert Cabrera, Town Clerk
Office of the Town Clerk
Guttenberg Town Hall
6808 Park Avenue
Guttenberg, New Jersey 07093

Please submit one original and seven (7) copies to the RFP. Use white 8 ½ x 11 paper. Please also deliver one (1) copy to the office of Charles P. Daglian, attorney for the Town of Guttenberg at 34 Jones Street, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306.
All proposals shall be submitted in sealed envelopes with the wording:

2:00 P.M.